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Mama's Baby, Daddy's Too 

Featuring TNAS Korry Fellow Recipient Aisha Nailah and invited artists Melida McKenzie-Alford, Clymenza Hawkins, Shaunda Sekai-Holloway and Linda Mickens

Opening Reception

Thursday, December 14th  |  6 - 8pm

TNAS partner, INTEMPO/TNAS Petty-Drayton Music Program Students will perform at 7pm


The Exhibition will run:

December 14th, 2023 - March 7th, 2024

Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Too is an exploration of how ancestry influences artistry... My first thought when developing this exhibition was to honor the women who shaped me, namely my mother, grandmothers, and aunt. The phrasing that popped into my mind was the saying “Mama’s baby, Daddy’s maybe”. But, in reflecting on my life, I didn’t feel it applied to me because I am very much my father’s daughter. He was an artist and musician whose influence affected my musical taste and motivated me to become a visual artist. 


This reflection changed the direction of the whole exhibit and made me think at a deeper level as to how we are all influenced knowingly or unknowingly by our ancestors. Particularly in the African spiritual religious traditions, whose ancestor worship is paramount to its culture. In these traditions, ancestors, their practices, songs, likes, thoughts, hobbies, and skills are always present to learn from and to build on. So many things we believe we think up are simply ancestral memories coming forward. The artists in this exhibit showcase that ancestral influence and in many ways represent the multiple planes of information handed down from generation to generation.



A Journey Through The Planes of Being  

Featuring TNAS Korry Fellow Recipient Carlos RM and invited artists Jon Blank, Diana R, and Alex Rane

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 30th  |  6 - 8pm

The East Coast Contemporary Ballet Company will perform at 7pm 

Instructors of TNAS partner, INTEMPO, will perform throughout the night


The Exhibition will run:

September 14th - December 7th

How did we get here? How real is the universe? Why are our shared human experiences so uniquely personal? What are we learning? When did we grow and change?

Being. Being human, being an artist, being alive – Being is quite a journey. We learn to walk, then to speak, always striving to express our inner dialogue. As life gets more complicated and interesting, and our emotions begin to take center stage, we recognize that our hearts are filled with desires and fears. Big questions show up. We sense that being can be more than a state of mere existence; being is a choice. Being is multi-layered. Being is a common, shared experience and, at the same time, intensely personal. Being is a journey, a compilation, an opportunity. Being is a memory suppressed or a story told. Being is a constant, creative act.

For some of us, our very being compels us to become artists. We paint or sculpt or hammer or mold. We assemble, deconstruct, and reassemble. In our artwork, we express the structure of our being, the fabric of our character, the shape of our soul – in short, our journey through the planes of our being. And when we do, we change, grow, and heal. 

We present A Journey Through the Planes of Being featuring the art of 2023-2024 Korry Fellow Recipient Carlos RM, who has invited three additional artists to complement this exhibition: Alex Rane, a native of Newtown, CT, and now a resident of Carrara, Italy; Jon Blank, a native Norwalker who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York; and Diana R, of Miami, Florida. 

We invite you to join our journeys. As you view the show, perhaps you’ll ponder abstract riddles and recognize snapshots of dreams, snippets, or recollections of a distant time. And when you return to a piece you’ve experienced, you may see it anew and reflect on your journey through your own plane of being as a never-ending source of discovery, curiosity, inspiration, and wonder.  

Contributing Writers Carlos RM and Meg Reilly


If You’re ____ & You Know It: Identifying Emotions  


Curated by Korry Fellow Isabella Montenegro  

And featuring artists June Ahrens, Melissa Benedek, Casey Correra, Kasimir Comunale, Chelsea Danburg, Erin Dolan, Britt Garth, Brett Masterson, Nadia Martinez, Russell Miyaki, Chris Sainato, Sharon Smalls, Brea Thomas-Young, Kelly Walters 


June 16th - September 7th, 2023

If we don’t tell people how we feel, how will they know? Communication is key. There are five types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, listening, and visual. All of which you can experience through this exhibition. As you wander the exhibition, you may question pieces and their meaning. However, take the time to be open-minded and accept that the first thing you see, hear, watch, etc., is an experience that is a more personal feeling or emotion for your own self. Understanding that there is no right or wrong answer in art is powerful, and using this practice to openly and freely communicate complex emotions could create the key to unlocking a more compassionate and open-minded society.


If You’re ____ & You Know It: Identifying Emotions is a group exhibition with artwork examining the concepts of feelings and emotion through art; not just through paintings but also through music, creative writing, dance, poetry, etc. The contributing artists were asked to consider the following theme: "Identifying Emotions''. The artist's responses will be presented in The Norwalk Art Space in an effort to show how they have used their practice to communicate their feelings and emotions through art. During the exhibition artists' work will be sold, if they so choose, with thirty percent of the proceeds donated to The Norwalk Art Space in support of its mission.


The Norwalk Art Space strives to increase opportunities and equity in the local arts community by offering free art and music education and mentorship to under-served students, sponsoring and promoting local artists through its Resident Artist program and Korry Fellow exhibitions, and providing the public an exciting venue to explore art and music, all free.

Featured artwork on promo:"Every Single Hope and Dream" Brett Masterson

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