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Main Gallery - The Norwalk Art Space



Our gallery will host 6 major exhibitions during the 2022-23 program year.  Each exhibition will run approximately 8 weeks before select pieces will move to The M&T Bank Magnificent Room at The Sono Collection.  Select pieces from each exhibition are available for purchase in our shop here

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The M&T Bank Magnificent Room - The Sono Collection Mall



Curated by Korry Fellow Susan Hardesty, and featuring artwork by Alex Churchill, Naomi Clark, Jessica Dowling, Kevin Ford, Brian Kaspr, Sophia Konstantin, Sarah LeMieux, Denise Minnerly, Aisha Nailah, Sain’t Phifer, Lyman Richardson, Carlos RM, Remy Sosa, Rebecca Stern, and Lydia Viscardi. "Two years ago, I was writing a Curator’s Statement for a Korry Fellowship application. In it, I referenced the 2019 Venice Biennale title, “May You Live In Interesting Times.” Now, I think that title has changed to “We Live in All Too Real Times.” After three years of pandemic living, the world is too much with us. Art is the antidote to living in this “continued state of emergency.” Thinking this way, I began visiting studios to curate an exhibition for The Norwalk Art Space. Meeting artists and exploring their work was compelling - a brilliantly painted house; a village of small, clay dwellings; large, floating, painted swathes of fabric; small, intimate collages; abstract paintings; figurative painting; and more. Connecting such a diverse group of artists into a cohesive show was challenging until I realized all art is an ALTERNATIVE REALITY. The 15 artists selected have imagined, invented, and created their reality, an alternative reality to ours."

-Susan Hardesty


The Opening Reception will be on Thursday, February 16, 2023 from 6 - 8pm and will feature the premiere of a new electroacoustic piece called "Happily ever after" by contemporary composer and performer Sarah LeMieux at 7pm.




Will be in place until April 14th

“Slowly, the layers of our lives are revealed and once they are, we fully come through,” writes Photographer and Korry Fellow Jerri Graham. In the new exhibition “Layers Revealed” at The Norwalk Art Space, Graham invites artists Tim Holmstrom and Melissa Newman to explore the many cycles and layers of humanity, nature, beauty, creation, and decay.  “Each frame of the camera" Graham states "is a fraction of a second of a life that will be lived for a time unknown. Within these fractionated layers, we find our lives and ourselves.” Melissa Newman works in several mediums including clay. "I see artists as “little gods,” who translate the world around them, creating their own worlds in response" Newman writes. Her sculpture, reflecting an immersion in nature, music making, writing and traveling, provokes multiple layers of interpretation and tension. Tim Holmstrom’s work “excavates cultural and personal themes, stories, myths or delusions we often recycle and return to …out of habit, comfort, and nostalgia. The repetitions and patterns of decay, rebirth, and the entropy and chaos found in Nature - found in our own nature as humans and artists. Accepting and embracing the beauty, darkness, twists, folds, scars, and revelations borne of that process. It attempts to illustrate that most of all we all labor under a collective delusion that we are evolving, escaping or progressing.”  


Selected works from the “Layers Revealed” exhibition will transition to the SONO Collection

Featuring works by Korry Fellow Jerri Graham and invited artists Melissa Newman and Tim Holmstrom

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