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Carrying out the vision of our founder, Alexandra D. Korry (ADK), we are on a mission to expand opportunities and transform lives through art and music. 


In the heart of Norwalk, our space stands as a testament to creativity's boundless power.
Our beautiful facility, ADK House, is a sanctuary where young minds explore, local artists thrive, and the community gathers to celebrate our children and the magic of expression.


Every brushstroke, every melody, every connection made within our walls resonates with the legacy of our founder, Alexandra Davern Korry, whose goal was to break barriers, to offer opportunities where they were lacking, and to light the way for our students' dreams to take flight.



The Norwalk Art Space was lovingly conceived, founded and designed by Alexandra Davern Korry (1959-2020).


Alexandra's dream was to bridge gaps and break barriers. As an M&A lawyer, educator, and champion of civil rights, she saw beyond conventions and limitations. She envisioned a haven where untapped artistic potential could flourish. The result is The Norwalk Art Space – a space that not only enriches the educational landscape for under-served students but also shines a spotlight on local artists who have long been overlooked. It's a sanctuary where art and music harmoniously converge, while engaging and inspiring the local community.

Sadly, Alexandra's passing occurred before The Norwalk Art Space opened in June 2021. Nevertheless, her passion infuses every aspect of our organization. To pay homage to her enduring contributions, we’ve named our building ADK House, with her initials A.D.K serving as a guiding light of inspiration for all who step through our doors.

Meet The Team



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Duvian Montoya is a multifaceted artist and leader, dedicated to fostering connections within the artistic community as the Executive Director of The Norwalk Art Space. His role involves cultivating relationships among artists spanning generations, guiding exhibition direction, and shaping educational programming. In addition, Duvian collaborates with various nonprofit organizations and the Norwalk Public Schools to address curriculum requirements and develop community initiatives. He firmly believes in the power of collective effort to elevate all individuals, thereby building resilient and united communities.

Beyond his impactful community work, Duvian Montoya is a versatile talent. He wears multiple hats as an Artist, Muralist, Studio Manager, Curator, and Community Organizer. His vibrant paintings, striking murals, and captivating installations grace numerous locations across Connecticut, while they are cherished collections at SONO Collection, Housatonic Community College, The Mattatuck Museum, The City of Norwalk, Westport, New Haven, Disney, and Gulfstream Worldwide. Duvian is also credited with co-founding two prominent Fairfield County Arts organizations: "The Saint Philip Artist Guild" in Norwalk in 2009, and "The Artists Collective of Westport" in 2014.





    AnnaDea Chavez is dedicated to expanding The Norwalk Art Space's fundraising endeavors and support network. Charged with developing strategic fundraising objectives, she leads the team in crafting a cohesive approach to bolster annual and planned giving, which is vital for sustaining TNAS operations and initiatives. With a wealth of experience garnered from collaborating with diverse nonprofit entities, AnnaDea excels in cultivating donor relationships and securing substantial contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Her mission at TNAS extends beyond conventional fundraising; AnnaDea aims to streamline processes, coordinate initiatives, and furnish resources to fortify the fundraising landscape. 


    AnnaDea’s artistic journey has been a personal process, enriched by numerous courses taken at local art hubs and online platforms. Rooted in a profound love for art and steeped in the study of Art History, she finds solace in museums and harbors a deep-seated commitment to empowering nonprofits, fostering connections, and nurturing communities.



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    Darcy Hicks, M.Ed, is an artist, education coach, and teacher of 30 years, certified K-12 by the State of CT. She works together with our Resident Artists to develop a rich curriculum, and to support them as professionals as they share their individual creative practices with Norwalk Youth. Darcy specializes in Visual Literacy, which she helped to develop while working with the Yale Center for British Art. Visual Literacy is a pedagogical approach that uses art as a means to discover and share the authentic voices of students. She is passionate about the need for both students and teachers to have agency in the classroom, and the urgency to make learning a joyful and lifelong experience. She has published and presented her research on the connection between art and writing both nationally and world-wide.

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      Allegra Pin is a dedicated educator and musician who graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's degree in Music and Education. With four years of experience teaching elementary music and a decade working with elementary-aged students, she brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her role. In her current position, Allegra cultivates relationships with parents, students, and the community, while providing direction to the music program. Her core values revolve around helping students succeed, fostering a safe learning environment, nurturing a love for learning, and sharing music as a gift. Allegra believes her purpose is to inspire and empower young minds through the transformative power of music.

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      Dale Najarian is an internationally recognised artist working primarily in oils and mixed media. She has a passion for photography, and documenting her experiences is an important part of her creative process as it is a source of inspiration for much of her work. She is also an advocate and philanthropist serving on many non-profit Boards in Fairfield County. 


      Dale received her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design and worked for over fifteen years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in NY, Philadelphia and DC. She was recently awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Moore for her active role in using art to connect to a larger audience.

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      Helen Klisser During is an art advisor, curator, and photojournalist who has championed global art projects for over 25 years. She creates, documents and fosters cultural exchange to promote understanding and address issues of social justice. An art world insider, Helen nurtures relationships among individuals and institutions to create significant cultural initiatives. Helen is committed to facilitating partnerships and cultivating connectivity using her extensive global networks.

      Helen has directed and produced numerous large-scale arts initiatives including #UNLOAD: Arts Trigger a Conversation, a foundation to promote conversation through the arts and education around the issue of gun violence in America, and Voices for the Future, an immersive art installation by Joseph Michael which projected collapsing icebergs onto the United Nations, NYC, 2019. 


      In 2010 Helen founded The Artist Collective of Westport, which continues to thrive and grow over a decade later with 150 artists.


      Helen has curated hundreds of exhibitions including  Christo and Jeanne-Claude (Over the River, The Mastaba and The Gates), Edward Burtynsky (Nature Speaks, 2014). Other notable exhibitions include On the Wire: Veiled Rebellion (photo essay on Afghan women by Lynsey Addario), Memory (works by Mayer Kirshenblatt, Leo Kok, Anselm Keifer, 2010), Champions to End Malaria (featuring PLATON), and BUILD (architecture by Louis Kahn, 2005).


      Recognized by KEA as a World Class New Zealander, board member of Creative New Zealand and member of The Explorer’s Club. Helen is an award-winning c Cc photojournalist, she has undertaken assignments worldwide for the United Nations in Malawi and Rwanda; AmeriCares in El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua; and Carma Foundation in Haiti. Helen served as the still photographer for Gaylene Preston's 2016 film "My Year with Helen: The Helen Clark Documentary," and her photographs and photo essays have been published in a wide range of national and international publications.

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      Katy Sullivan functions as the organizational hub of The Norwalk Art Space, keeping track of our many events and educational offerings, and handling everything from gallery management to grant writing to the annual fundraiser. Her varied background includes corporate positions in aviation, risk management, real estate and international education. In addition to, or perhaps despite, her business experience and love of spreadsheets, Katy is an artist at heart. 

      In her visual art practice, Katy focuses on abstract painting and mixed media. She is primarily self-taught, although her explorations have included many individual classes at local art centers and online. She worked as a decorative painter for many years, creating faux-painted interiors throughout Fairfield County and selling hand-painted furniture, art and accessories at shows all over New England. For the last five years, she has focused on the study and practice of abstract art and feels she has found her artistic "home" with abstract. Her other passions are genealogy and travel, both of which regularly provide inspiration and a starting point for her paintings.





        Kiyah Garnett is a dynamic professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut. With a passion for the arts cultivated from her upbringing in Connecticut, Kiyah pursued her academic journey specializing in Digital Media and Design. Currently, she leverages her expertise to curate compelling content and orchestrate engaging social media strategies for The Norwalk Art Space.



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        Emily Teall (BFA Cornell University '16, MA Columbia University '18) is a Connecticut-based multimedia artist with particular interests in sculpture and installation art. Her artistic career began with an early-childhood interest in and curiosity about nature. Organic elements continue to drive her artworks. Her current work also draws from experiences with social anxiety and from the role of the body in (particularly a female) identity. Emily has exhibited in a number of group shows in and near her hometown of Riverside, CT; at Cornell University; at Columbia University in a show curated by Gregory Amenoff; in New York City; and in Hudson, NY. She has worked closely with installation artist Angiola Churchill and with painter Christina Burch.


        In addition to building a personal artistic practice through art shows and art collective involvement, Emily currently teaches a broad variety of visual art and design courses to 5th-12th grade students at Fusion Academy’s Greenwich campus. She is especially passionate about combining human rights with the arts and with art education; her Master’s thesis, titled “Realizing the Right to Education for NYC’s Homeless Children: Identifying and Removing Barriers” focused on education of homeless youth.


        RAF "5IVEFINGAZ"

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        Raf (5iveFingaz) brings over 17 years of marketing experience to The Norwalk Art Space. As a renowned street artist, 5iveFingaz has spread his Love More Than Ever movement globally, using art to make the world better, one piece at a time. Hailing from historic Norwalk, 5iveFingaz is deeply connected to the town and its people. He initiated a scholarship fund at Brien McMahon High School, inspired by the kindness he received during his high school years. This scholarship rewards students for their kindness, love, and leadership, reflecting his unwavering commitment to improving lives. In today's turbulent times, 5iveFingaz's art offers hope and guidance, resonating with an ever-growing audience. Through social media scavenger hunts, he generously shares his works, making art a gift to humanity, one person at a time. His alma mater, Sacred Heart University, aptly describes him as a courageous leader dedicated to passionate service and creative innovation. Ultimately, 5iveFingaz is driven by his art, its impact on individuals, and the positive change it can bring, embodying the spirit of love and peace reminiscent of the 1960s.

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        Patrick Sikes is responsible for overseeing the creation and curation of artwork at nearby Peck Ledge Lighthouse. Having documented the restoration of the lighthouse through his photography, Patrick is very excited to welcome other artists to the lighthouse and experience it through their eyes and ears.


        Patrick is a local photographer with a bent towards nautical and maritime subjects. Originally from Norwalk, he grew up spending countless hours on Long Island Sound in every way imaginable, from power boating to sailing, kayaking, and competitive rowing. He now spends a good deal of the summer traveling all over New England chasing classic sailing yachts or finding the next great coastal composition. Patrick shows his photography a few times each year and was the featured photographer in the 2022 CCNS Art Show in South Norwalk, CT.

        Cockenoe Lighthouse Preservation Group

        Peck Ledge Photo Workshop Inspiration

        Advisory Board

        Marc Alan - Norwalk Arts Commission

        Paula Argosh - Artworks Collective

        Eric Bernheim - FLB Law

        Tara Blackwell - Artist

        Ellen Cardozo Sonsino - Morgan Stanley

        Penny Cook - Grants Consultant

        Nancy Diamond - Producer, Short Cuts Film Festival

        Charley Drayton - Musician, Co-founder of Petty-Drayton Music Program

        Angelica Durrell - INTEMPO

        Samantha Eliot - Charles H. Weinman Foundation

        Joseph Fucigna - Norwalk Community College

        Susan Gilgore - Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

        David Green - Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County

        Brian Griffin - Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce

        Kimberly Henrikson - Center for Contemporary Printmaking

        Rick Hoag - Frederick William Hoag Architect

        Jahmane - Artist, Curator, Community Advocate

        Diane Jellerette - Norwalk Historical Society

        Helen Kauder - Ely Center of Contemporary Art

        Robert Kettenmann - DR Bank

        Richard Klein - Artist and Curator

        Douglas Laustsen - INTEMPO

        Shobana Mani - Subramani Label + Fashion Impact Foundation

        Ruth Mannes - MOCA Westport

        Sandra J. Miklave - Norwalk Symphony Orchestra

        John Montoya - Business Capital Technology, CIT Group

        Robin Panovka*

        Sheena Parker - Melissa Wilkinson Foundation

        Adria Petty - Filmmaker, Co-founder of Petty-Drayton Music Program

        Lizzy Rockwell - Illustrator & Children's Book Author

        Kelly Rossetti - Artist

        Jeffrey Selden - Marcia Selden Catering

        Robin Selden - Marcia Selden Catering

        Bill Taibe - For the Food Restaurant Group

        Anne Teall

        Stephanie Thomas

        Isaac Walcott - Fairfield County Bank

        Dr. Susan G. Weinberger - Mentor Consulting Group

        John Weinman - Charles H. Weinman Foundation

        Kristina Weinman - Charles H. Weinman Foundation

        David Westmoreland - Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Commission

        Ryan Wiedmann - Global Brand Marketing Leader

        Marilyn Wiles-Kettenmann

        Wendy Winnick-Baskin - WWBaskin Senior Advisory Services

        *TNAS Chairman of Board and spouse of Alexandra Korry (1959-2020), who founded The Norwalk Art Space prior to her passing


        Here's how we're making a differencE

        Empowering Local Students:

        We provide free, high-caliber art and music education along with mentorship to underprivileged students, nurturing their creativity and potential.

        Amplifying Underrepresented Artists:

        We sponsor and promote underrepresented Connecticut artists through free residency and fellowship programs, free studio space, and free exhibition opportunities, giving their voices the recognition they deserve. We give these talented artists the chance to gain teaching experience and open new avenues to enhance their careers.

        Creating a Cultural Haven:

        Our doors are wide open to the public, offering an exciting venue and sculpture garden where visitors can explore art, savor music, and engage in meaningful conversations—all without any admission fees.

        Supporting Local Schools

         We're proud to assist the Norwalk Public Schools by providing professional development days and essential art resources to further enrich the educational experience.

        The Norwalk Art Space is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Alexandra D. Korry (ADK).

        Since opening  in June 2021, we've achieved significant milestones:

        45,000+ Visitors: 

        We've welcomed over 45,000 visitors to our beautiful museum, admission-free, making art accessible to all.

        Empowering Young Minds:

        Nearly 2,300 local students have benefited from our free art and music classes and enrichment activities.

        Diverse Offerings:

        We've conducted 46 semester-long art and music classes, 27 workshops, and 16 artist talks to inspire and educate.

        Celebrating Local Talent:

        We've hosted 39 free art exhibitions showcasing the incredible work of local artists aged 5 to 93.

        Harmonious Collaboration:

        The Petty-Drayton Music Program and our partnership with INTEMPO have enriched lives through free classical and intercultural music classes.

        Fostering Creativity:

        We've sponsored 24 exceptional Resident Artists and Korry Fellows, watching them flourish, learn, create, and share their knowledge within our space.

        Interested in becoming a sponsor? Your support can help us continue our mission. Reach out to us at, and let's make arts education accessible to all, together.

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