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Our education program isn't just about teaching; it's about empowerment. We offer free art and music education, mentorship, and a safe space for under-served students to explore their talents. Whether you're a budding artist, a future musician, or simply curious, our program welcomes all students interested in the arts. Learn more and register below.


All weekly art classes are taught by our Resident Artists and various visiting artists under the direction of Executive Director Duvian Montoya and Educational Director Darcy Hicks.​​ Shorter workshops are taught by our Korry Fellows and other local artists in connection with the various exhibitions. 


** Please note that some classes are exclusively available for students from other organizations like Carver Foundation, Norwalk Housing Authority and Family & Childrens’ Agency, and must be booked directly through those organizations.**​


Please email if you would like to be notified when new classes are announced. 

If the class/workshop that you are interested in taking is full, please email to join the waitlist.

Art Classes

All classes are free, but students must register in advance by clicking on one or more classes below

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Music Classes


The Petty-Drayton Music Program was established to provide free, high-caliber music education to under-served students at The Norwalk Art Space.  The Program offers after-school music courses on subjects ranging from guitar, to vocal technique, to improvisation, ear training, and performance skills. The goal is to supplement TNAS’s free visual art classes and to further enrich the Art Space environment with comprehensive access to music. This program is funded by the Petty and Drayton families, and facilitated in partnership with INTEMPO, a leader in music education and an incredible resource to the Norwalk community.

If a class is fully booked, please email to be placed on a wait list. Please include your contact information, your child’s name, and the name of the class. To learn more about the Petty and Drayton families and INTEMPO, click here.

To view our free art classes, go here.

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We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, which is why we often host Free Community Workshops for all ages! These special events are usually open to art enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, although children may need to be accompanied by an adult. Whether you're a child exploring your creative spark or an adult looking for a fun and artistic way to spend your day, these workshops are the perfect opportunity to come together with the community and immerse yourself in the world of art. Join us for these unique, free workshops, and let your imagination soar while creating beautiful works of art in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming events, and come share the joy of art with us at The Norwalk Art Space!

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Community Workshops


The Norwalk Art Space is committed to supporting local school teachers! Our professional development programming provides coaching for teachers of all subjects, grades K-12. Educators come to our space to engage hands-on in the creative process, exploring and learning about art as a tool for their classrooms. Visual images and art-making generates thinking, writing, and vocabulary. Drawing is a form of research, allowing for deep scientific inquiry. Art-making is a mindful practice, addressing the urgent need for empathy and social-emotional learning. Focusing on images has been shown to enhance communication skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Professional Development sessions are led by Educational Director Darcy Hicks, M.Ed., who is an experienced public classroom teacher, Visual Literacy consultant, and teaching coach. She specializes in using art and creativity as a way to deepen the curriculum in any subject. We are happy to discuss and brainstorm ideas for Professional Development programs for any public school system or private organization.
Please direct your inquiries to Educational Director Darcy Hicks at

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Petty-Drayton Program


The Music Program is a gift to TNAS from Adria Petty (filmmaker and a managing partner at Petty Legacy LLC) and Charley Drayton (acclaimed world class multi-instrumental musician) in honor of their talented and compassionate fathers. 


The two patriarchs, who were friends and grandparents together are respectively, the world renowned, Grammy award winning  musician and songwriter, the late Tom Petty, and Bernard Drayton, a commercial music producer, innovator and a man with deep roots in the power of music. 


The Petty/Drayton families are “music families” who believe strongly in music being an essential part of life, creativity and expression. “Most of the members of our families are creative artists or musicians and we all strongly believe in giving back to underserved youth and providing best in class opportunities to emerging creatives. Our fathers are self made men who were and are dynamic mentors in music. They are both an inspiration to anyone who wants a career in music because they blazed their own unique trails. We are thrilled to lean in to contribute to the program and provide professional support, access and resources in these small classes. We are very excited to work with Bernard during his retirement on such an important project and simultaneously honor the loving memory of Tom Petty. We are blown away by how effective and uplifting the mission is at TNAS. We are thrilled to see INTEMPO has made this dream a reality so fast and are delighted to add more music into a space where something beautiful is already growing for the community.”     - Adria Petty and Charley Drayton

About Tom Petty

Best known for a 40 year career in popular music. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the release of their self-titled 1976 debut started a decades-long and extremely successful run, highlighted by multi-platinum albums that featured the now-classic singles “American Girl,” “Refugee,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Learning to Fly."    READ MORE

About Bernard Drayton

Hailing from Brooklyn, Bernard Drayton has been a powerhouse in commercial music behind the scenes for decades, shepherding in ad campaigns with over $1 billion dollars in billings. Bernard is also a fine art photographer and has served on the board of Brooklyn Hospital for over 20 years in service to his community.  READ MORE


INTEMPO offers high quality music education to children from communities underrepresented in the arts.  Through the joy of music, INTEMPO helps children express themselves and build skills that will serve them in every aspect of their lives.  Founded and led by Angélica Durrell, INTEMPO is committed to connecting the dots between intercultural music education and its influence on the overall development of children. INTEMPO has been recognized at the local and national level for the quality of its programs and its efforts promoting arts equity. INTEMPO received the 2022 Accelerator Award by The Lewis Prize for Music, the 2021 Core Mission Grant from Impact Fairfield County, the 2019 Adolf Busch Award, and was named a finalist in the 2016 and 2017 National Youth Arts and Humanities Program awards by the President's Committee of Arts and Humanities.

​​"INTEMPO is really excited to work with The Norwalk Art Space as well as the Petty and Drayton families. All three have shown a commitment to the arts at an extremely high level and understand the power it has to change lives. We cannot wait to get started working with the youth of Norwalk through this program."

- Angélica Durrell

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