Our extraordinary Resident Artists were hand-picked following a rigorous selection process. Resident Artists are provided a residency in ADK House for one year, which  includes a free studio, exhibition space in our cafe, and an oportunity to participate in all of our programs.  Resident Artists teach one after-school art class each semester.



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I absolutely love what I am doing and my goal is to teach others how to create miniatures and terrain builds through simple techniques and cheap materials found all around us like bottle caps, lids, milk cartons, tooth picks, etc. 

Most of my inspiration comes from the video games and cartoons I use to play and watch as a kid such as Dragon Quest, Dark Souls, and One Piece. 



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I learned how to draw from my mother who was an architect but really got into art after learned I could draw with an eraser. I've always loved making art and even found it helped with stress and anxiety. As a shy young girl, I was raised in a man-dominant environment where I couldn't speak unless spoken to and could never raise my voice. I learned to speak through lines and colors. Art is the way I scream. It's my language. I guess I always knew my future was going to be around art.


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Lorena Sferlazza (she/her) is a visual artist and educator based in Norwalk, CT, negotiating the dynamics of vulnerability and environmental impact through painting, drawing, and photography.

Her work has been published in Create! Magazine and exhibited across the Northeast and Italy, namely at Anna Zorina Gallery, Sotheby’s, Paradigm Gallery, FMC Tower, Museum Galleries at PAFA, among others.

Lorena has been honored to receive awards from PAFA, Holy Cross, Scholastic, Inc., Lyme Academy, and Kevin’s Fund.

She currently works in education for The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.



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Emily Teall (BFA in visual arts, Cornell University '16; MA in human rights studies, Columbia University '18) is a Connecticut-based multimedia artist with particular interests in sculpture and installation art. My artistic career began with an early-childhood interest in and curiosity about nature. Organic elements continue to drive my artworks. My current work also draws from experiences with social anxiety and from the role of the body in (particularly a female) identity. In addition to building a personal artistic practice through art shows and art collective involvement, I currently teach a broad variety of visual art and design courses to 5th-12th grades at Fusion Academy’s Greenwich campus.