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Professional Development

The Norwalk Art Space is committed to supporting our local school teachers!
Our professional development programming provides coaching for teachers of all subjects, grades 6-12. 
Educators of all subjects come to our space to engage hands-on in the creative process, exploring and learning about art as a tool for their classrooms. 

  • Visual images and art-making generates thinking, writing, and vocabulary.

  • Drawing is a form of research, allowing for deep scientific inquiry.


  • Art-making is a mindful practice, addressing the urgent need for empathy and social-emotional learning.


  • Focusing on images has been shown to enhance communication skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

PD days are led by Darcy Hicks, M.Ed. Darcy is an experienced public classroom teacher, Visual Literacy consultant, and teaching coach. She specializes in using art and creativity as a way to deepen the curriculum. 
We are happy to discuss and brainstorm ideas for Professional Development. Please direct your inquiries to

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