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Alexandra Davern


The Norwalk Art Space was lovingly conceived and designed by Alexandra Davern Korry (1959-2020), a trailblazing M&A lawyer, educator, and civil rights advocate. Alexandra wanted to create a space that would enhance educational opportunities for under-served students, promote under-represented local artists, and provide the public a welcoming space to enjoy art and music.  


Sadly, Alexandra passed away before construction was completed.  


Our building, ADK House, is named in her honor.

Background on Alexandra and her civil rights work can be found here.


The Norwalk Art Space strives to increase opportunities and equity in the local arts community by offering free art and music education and mentorship to under-served students, sponsoring and promoting local artists through our Resident Artist program and Korry Fellow exhibitions, and providing the public an exciting venue to explore art and music, all free. 

Our beautiful building, ADK House, was named in honor of our founder, Alexandra D. Korry, whose vision inspires everything we do.

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